Mast type jib cranes

Mast type jib cranes are a cost-effective alternative to freestanding systems because they don’t require a special foundation. Mast type jib cranes only need 6” of reinforced concrete to support the crane because they require additional support from an existing overhead support beam or structure.

Typically mast type jib cranes can accommodate:
10-40’ spans
Capacities up to 10 tons
360° rotation
Boom heights up to 40’ (distance from floor to overhead top support)
There are two types of cantilever design options depending on the types of overhead obstructions that may or may not be present:
Full Cantilever: These can be used when there are no overhead obstructions. The boom is mounted to the top of the mast which provides maximum lifting capability and maximum clearance underneath.
Drop Cantilever: Side-plate connections allow the boom to be “drop mounted” at a specific height to allow for clearance for overhead obstructions located below the top of the mast.
Mast type jib cranes are similar to freestanding systems and can be used for the same type of heavy-duty/high-productivity applications. However, they do require an overhead beam or support structure to provide support in addition to the foundation.