Material frame grabs robot mecanum wheels made in China

Material frame grabbing robot is an industrial handling vehicle.
The Mecanum wheel can realize the omnidirectional movement and precise positioning of the material basket grabbing robot. Handling vehicles are mainly used in injection molding enterprise workshops to realize automatic pick-up material logistics systems.
It consists of an omnidirectional mobile Mecanum wheel and a three-axis slide, electric fingers, claws, electrical control and navigation systems. The Mecanum wheel driven by the servo motor is used as the walking part of the whole vehicle, so that it can realize the movement function in any direction in the two-dimensional plane. The Mecanum wheel can realize omnidirectional movements including straight travel, horizontal travel, diagonal travel, intentional curve movement, and zero-turn radius rotation, and truly realize unmanned control.

Application industry:
It is suitable for the empty frame and full frame exchange of the workpiece frame of the injection molding machine, and the transfer of the full frame of the workpiece.
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