Mecanum wheel polyurethane used with AGV car made in China

Precautions for daily use of AGV Mecanum wheels:
The Mecanum wheeled AGV car is also an indispensable intelligent device in the loading, unloading and handling of containers, carts, cabins and other goods. The AGV car uses Mecanum wheel technology, which can make the car move in any direction without dead angle at 30°. The Mecanum wheel AGV trolley is an automatic handling vehicle, an unmanned wheeled handling vehicle that transports, loads, unloads and stacks palletized goods.
Widely used in: aerospace, high-speed rail, trains, automobiles, logistics, factory workshops and warehouse logistics.

What's the precautions for the daily use of the AGV Mecanum wheel ?
1. Timely detection of the use of Mecanum wheels.After a long period of use, the Mecanum wheel AGV car may wear out the AGV car. We can ensure that the Mecanum wheel AGV car will not malfunction and be seriously worn out in the next use.
2.  AGV car control personnel or maintenance personnel regard inspection as a stipulation and become a habit. The daily inspection and management of the AGV car of Mecanum wheel is particularly important.
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