Mecanum wheel roller polyurethane coated made in China

The roller of the Mecanum wheel has a core body and a rubber coating. The roller of the Mecanum wheel is wrapped on the outside of the core body. The roller usually includes a core body and a rubber coating layer. The polyurethane rubber coating layer has at least one degree of freedom The restricted structure effectively avoids the degumming of the encapsulation layer. The encapsulation layer directly contacts the ground, so the encapsulation strength of the encapsulation layer directly affects its service life and use effect. Greatly improve the service life of Mecanum wheel, and can improve the use effect.
Because the Mecanum wheel can be accurately and omnidirectionally positioned, with an accuracy of millimeters and accurate positioning, the main wearable part of the Mecanum wheel is the roller, so the design of the roller directly affects the service life of the omnidirectional wheel And use effects.

The application scope of Mecanum wheel: intelligent handling robot, stage robot, lifting platform robot, aircraft engine installation robot, landing gear installation robot, high-speed rail subway installation and maintenance robot, laser cleaning robot, missile rocket docking installation robot, etc.
We provide a roller for mecanum wheel that effectively prevents degumming and improves the strength of the encapsulation. The service life is longer and the price is more favorable.