Mold turning machine

The mold turning machine, when repairing large and medium-sized molds, can turn the mold over 0-90°, which is convenient, labor-saving and safe to open, close and hoist the mold. It is an indispensable auxiliary equipment for the stamping workshop, and it is also an equipment for repairing large molds.
1 basic features
1. The equipment adopts remote control operation, which has the characteristics of non-slip and non-reverse rotation of large-scale workpieces.
2. It has the function of turning over the workpiece, which can be turned to any angle as required. It has the characteristics of simple operation, flexible and reliable use.
3. The equipment adopts remote control, the operator can be far away from the operation of the turning equipment, and it has the characteristics of light up and down turning freely.
4. The equipment has the characteristics of light and flexible movement, no need to move large workpieces, and the equipment can be moved to the suspended and turned workpiece site to be turned over.
5. The equipment adopts the suspension chain to fix the suspended and flipped work piece.
6. The auxiliary groove wheel and lifting belt can be replaced for special workpieces, so that there are no lifting traces of the overturned workpiece.
7. The use of this equipment can improve the turnover efficiency and greatly reduce the cost for users.
8. The suspension type turning machine needs to be used as a supporting vehicle. In addition, a crane can also be used for field turning. As long as the equipment can be lifted, it can be turned freely, which is convenient and fast.
2 main function
If the original manual method is used to turn over, there may be accidental danger, resulting in damage to the workpiece; endangering the personal safety of the operator; and damaging the lifting equipment. The main characteristics of this type of equipment are reflected in the mature product structure and no maintenance accidents. In addition, there is also a mobile suspension type turning machine used to turn large workpieces. Its main function is in the welding process of large workpieces, especially in the welding process of large cubes or special-shaped bodies. All the required plane welding on the square body can improve the welding efficiency and ensure the welding quality.
3 working principle
The mold turning machine includes a base and a turning body connected by turning hinges. The turning equipment is connected with the base through turning hinges. A rubber roller is arranged in the middle of the turning machine, and the rubber wheel frame is connected with the base to conveniently and quickly carry the goods at any angle. It can be turned over, or attached to the conveying line, using multi-speed control, and travel switch, the goods are turned at any angle and then moved to the next assembly line; the three-dimensional flow of goods transportation is realized, without the high conveying rate characteristics such as manual and crane, turning The machine has simple structure, low cost, high work efficiency, safety and reliability.