Mould turning crane

The mold turning hoist includes a frame composed of a supporting frame and a supporting beam. A walking rail is arranged longitudinally below the supporting beam, and two sets of electric hoists are arranged on the walking rail. There is a turning mechanism corresponding to the suspension, the turning mechanism includes a turning motor, a turning chain and a scissor fork arranged between the turning chains, and a locking buckle and a positioning pin are arranged at the ends of the turning chain.
The advantages of the electric mold turning machine are simple structure and easy to use. The mold is turned over by two sets of turning mechanisms suspended under the two electric hoists, which realizes the fixed assembly of the movement of large molds, reduces the labor intensity of the workers, and improves the work. efficient.
The mold turning machine can realize the 90-degree turning operation goal of converting the mold from horizontal to vertical or from vertical to horizontal. At the same time, it can avoid using the original manual method to turn over, which may cause accidental danger, resulting in damage to the workpiece; endangering the personal safety of the operator; and damaging the lifting equipment.