Multi-limit protection variable frequency multi-speed control 180° load steering device

Advantages of 180° load turning device:
● Mechanical turnover system will not reverse.

● Four idler mechanism to ensure the stable operation of the equipment.
● Multiple limit protection to ensure safety.
● Frequency conversion multi-speed control, slow start, slow stop, smooth and fast operation.
● Hard tooth surface industrial reducer, stable operation.
● The self-locking function of the parking brake can be stopped at any position, and the flip body is locked in place, safe and reliable.
● With over-current protection device, if the overturning machine exceeds the overturning weight, it will automatically power off and shut down to protect, and will not damage the motor.
● It is equipped with French Schneider air switch, including over-current, overload, short circuit and phase loss protection functions.
● Equipped with a remote storage box, when the remote control switch and line are not in use, you can put it in the storage box. Prevent exposure to safety hazards.