New European type design clean room crane

New European type design clean room crane with superior performance, compact structure, optimized headroom space, light weight, and balanced wheel pressure which is the most economic solution of lifting and handling materials. Frequency converter for end carriages, hoist and trolley can be extra equipped, to make the crane running smoothly and stably.
Product Features:
The girder is U-shaped channel which be made of steel plate, then welded into box-shaped with I-beam. The crossbeam is also U-shaped channel, then welded into box-shaped crossbeam. The primary-side beam use the split-type structure, jonted by bolt, which is convenient for transportation and installation. The up, down and lateral movement of this machine is achieved by the electric hoist suspended from the girder.
*Originated from European design, with nice looking and strong structuring.
*Maintaining platform can be available by requirement.
*Apply to various working places.
*Achieve headroom maximization, greatly reduce the plant height.
*Offering two year product warranty service.