Non-standard customized Mecanum wheel of China manufacturer

Non-standard customized Mecanum wheel
Heavy-duty Mecanum wheels manufacturers can customize custom AGV trolleys, military trolleys, and other Mecanum wheels. The heavy-duty Mecanum wheels we produce can be selected and customized according to drawings. Mecanum wheel is referred to as "Mailun". It is a wheel that can move freely in all directions. It is composed of a wheel hub and a roller around the wheel hub, and at the same time, the Mecanum wheel has a 45 ° angle between the roller axis and the wheel hub axis. There are many small wheels diagonally distributed on the rim of the hub, called rollers, so the wheels can slide laterally. The roller is another kind of small roller without power.The bus of the small roller is very special. When the wheel rotates around a fixed wheel spindle, the envelope of each small roller will be a cylindrical surface, so the wheel can Scroll forward continuously. By combining four such wheels, the device can be moved in any direction.