Non-standard customized mecanum wheel manufacturer

The aviation aluminum Mecanum wheel set contains two left and right wheel sets, each wheel is composed of 9 roller wheels, and has independent drive. The mecanum wheel allows your machine to move not only forward and backward, but also left and right. With 4 mecanum wheels, you can build an unmanned robot that can move in all directions. Each wheel in the package comes with a compatible mounting hub-4mm shaft connector, so it can be easily paired with our encoder motor or stepper motor.
Features of the mecanum wheel:
1. The Mecanum wheel enables the robot to realize heavy load and heavy load, and also can achieve all-round motion.
2. Complete set of Mecanum wheels with 4mm shaft connectors;
3. Used with encoder motor or stepper motor;
4. Mecanum wheel is compatible with 4mm and 8mm motor shafts;
5. Made of SPCC cold-rolled steel, with strong rigidity and high impact strength;
6. Mecanum wheel is easy to assemble.