Not only suitable for flexible tube cable bending restrictor in static applications

Design Analysis and Test Verification of Marine Flexible Bend stiffener
Similar to the bend limiter, the marine flexible umbilical cable bend preventer is also a bend limiter that restricts the excessive bending of the flexible umbilical cable. But unlike the bend limiter, the bend preventer is not only suitable for bending protection of flexible tubing cables for static applications, but also for bending protection for flexible tubing cables for dynamic applications. Because the relatively harsh marine conditions are located on the sea level, the bend preventer is generally installed at the junction of the flexible pipe cable and the upper floating body. It can be said that for any flexible tube cable for dynamic applications, it is necessary to install a special customized bend preventer at a position that is prone to bending damage. Therefore, the application of the bending stiffener device in the field of marine engineering is more extensive than the application of the bending restrictor.
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