Overturning crane supplier

The equipment supplier of the turning machine tells you that the turning machine is adapted to the turning requirements of different specifications of goods, and realizes the goal of converting the horizontal type to the vertical type or the vertical type to the horizontal type. It is widely used in metallurgy, mold, paper making, cold storage and other industries.
The basic characteristics of the product are as follows:
Multiple limit protection, confirm. Slow start, slow stop, stable operation. Slow start, slow stop, smooth, stable and fast operation, limit switch and mechanical multiple limit protection device after 90°`180° flip. With over-current protection device, the turning machine will automatically cut off the power and stop protection if the turning machine exceeds the heavy weight, and will not damage the motor. The roller bearing with overcurrent, overload, short circuit and phase loss protection functions adopts solid self-lubricating copper sleeve bearings, which are wear-resistant, high-temperature resistant, and graphite lubricated without oiling, and the radial bearing capacity is large. The control system adopts 24N stable voltage to ensure stable operation of employees. The electrical part adopts leakage protection circuit breaker, overload circuit breaker, and overcurrent protection contactor to effectively prevent the hidden dangers of leakage and overload production. With sound and light alarm device, it effectively reminds the staff of stable operation. The parking is equipped with pressure keeping function, and it can be stopped at any position, and the turning body is locked in place, which is stable and reliable. Manual wire control, remote operation, stable and reliable. Robust and sturdy body design, durable. Reasonable and ingenious electromechanical combination. Simple operation and durable. Stable and fast.