Performance characteristics of belt turning machine

Performance characteristics of belt turning machine
1. The V-shaped worktable effectively guarantees the stability of the cylindrical product when it is turned over.
2. Electromagnetic brake motor, if there is a power failure during the turning process, the machine will automatically lock and stop rotating, and there will be no reverse situation.
3. The flip angle of the product can be adjusted slightly at 90 degrees to effectively prevent the product from tipping over.
4. Heavy limit protection, safety guarantee, equipped with mechanical limit device, if the electronic control fails, it can also ensure the absolute safety of the machine and the operator. And the device has an overweight limit function.
5. Double-row sleeve roller chain and all bearings are selected from well-known professional manufacturers in China. The sprocket is mechanically driven, and the chain tension can be adjusted at both points.
6. The spacing of the four load-bearing roller mechanisms can be adjusted according to the actual use to ensure the level of operation. The vertical roll can be turned into a horizontal roll, or the horizontal roll can be turned into a roll, and it works in cycles.
Simple operation of belt flip crane
1. Turn on the power supply.
2. Turn on the power switch and emergency stop button.
3. Put the product to be turned on the belt type turning machine.
4. Operate the "flip" switch or the wireless remote control switch (optional), the machine starts to work automatically: the flip body runs.
5. After the flip is completed, the work ends and it stops automatically.
6. The operator manually presses the travel switch, the plate on the guide rail is smooth and separated from the rolled plate, and can be reset after changing the rolled plate.