Polyurethane J-tube seal for submarine protection system from China

The J-tube sealing device is mainly used for the protection of offshore oil and gas platforms, offshore wind power submarine cables, and submarine pipelines into the J-tube. It can realize the center positioning of the submarine cable/submarine pipe in the J-tube and prevent the submarine cable/submarine pipe from swinging in the J-tube , The damage caused by long-term friction and collision with the pipe wall, and the sealing function can block the convection of seawater inside and outside the J-shaped pipe, which is convenient for anti-corrosion treatment in the J-shaped pipe, and the sealing function can also prevent marine organisms from adhering upward along the inner wall of the J-shaped pipe, causing corrosion .
1. It adopts Haval structure for easy installation;
2. The inner surface of the fixture is lined with polyurethane pads, and a special structure is designed to improve the coefficient of friction and tightening consistency with the submarine cable directly;
3. The head integrated multi-channel tapered polyurethane elastic guide head design is convenient for construction to penetrate into the J tube, and has an excellent sealing effect;
4. Anti-corrosion design. The fixture is made of 316L stainless steel. At the same time, the anti-corrosion design is carried out in accordance with the most severe marine corrosion grade C5-M. The dual protection measures of spraying and anode protection are adopted to ensure a service life of no less than 28 years.
Skills requirement :
Suitable for various submarine cables and submarine pipes;
The maximum applicable water depth is 200m;
The friction with the submarine cable and submarine pipe is not less than 3t.
Can be customzed accrodng to your needs.