Polyurethane Vertebral Bend restrictor of submarine control pipeline

The Polyurethane Vertebral Bend Restrictor s designed to protect the umbilical cord of the submarine control pipeline from the bending stresses that may occur during normal offshore installation and operation. It counteracts the effects of the applied loads, which may cause umbilical cords, cables, flexible risers, or internal conduits of MUX pipelines to kink or bend.
The vertebrae have omnidirectional degrees of freedom until they reach a locking bending radius (LBR) where the ball and socket of the VBR are fully engaged. The LBR of each VBR is the radius where locking or "locking" occurs. At that time, the parts of the VBR will lock with each other, thereby increasing the effective stiffness of the cable they protect to withstand the specified load applied to the device without violating the specified minimum bending radius (MBR).
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