Polyurethane bending restrictor also plays a very important role in the field of offshore petroleum engineering

Introduction of polyurethane bending restrictor forming technology
The application of metal materials in the marine environment faces extremely high requirements for corrosion resistance, and marine flexible tubing and cable accessories are generally in direct contact with seawater, which requires their materials to have strong corrosion resistance. Nowadays, polymer composite materials also play a very important role in the field of offshore oil engineering. At present, most of the offshore oil development equipment is inseparable from the participation of polymer composite materials, especially the materials used in flexible tubing and cable accessories are mainly polymer materials such as polyurethane. Among them, the anti-bending device and the polymer bending limiter are made of polyurethane elastomer material, the pontoon shell is made of medium density polyethylene, and the pontoon filling is made of hard closed-cell polyurethane foam, epoxy resin and hollow glass It is made of macromolecule materials such as microbeads, and the sealing materials of riser clamps, binding bands and even joints are also made of polymer materials such as polyurethane and epoxy resin. It can be seen that the research on polymer material molding technology is one of the important links to support the autonomy of my country's flexible tubing and cable accessories.
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