Polyurethane bending restrictor and J-tube seal customized for you origin China

Marine pipe seals are suitable for I and J pipes, and have been installed to the umbilical cable that protects customer assets. We provide seals and umbilical cord diameters suitable for all tube sizes. The seal enables the customer to add antiseptic and/or antiseptic agents to the container.
Seawater contained in the I/J pipe. Dosing at an appropriate concentration level minimizes the corrosion of the host tube and/or the growth of harmful organisms in the tube.
In order to ensure the functionality of the design, the customer must:
Confirm that the sealed area on the I/J pipe is free of marine growth and other pollutants;
Confirm that there are no defects in the sealing area, because damage may prevent the correct sealing installation and sealing function;
Provide accurate drawings of the I/J tube, including the known or agreed dimensions and tolerances of the sealing interface;
The tube seal has submersible or self-sealing design.