Polyurethane bending restrictor for submarine cable anti-bending device

Due to the characteristics of the compliance of the flexible tubing and cable, its bending stiffness is not very high, which causes the flexible tubing and cable to be easily bent and damaged under the action of external loads such as wind, waves and currents.
In order to judge whether the flexible umbilical cable has bending failure, an important bending resistance index of the flexible umbilical cable is specified, namely the minimum bending radius. In general, it is necessary to ensure that the actual bending radius of the flexible tubing cable under any working conditions is not less than its own minimum bending radius. At the same time, the flexible tubing cable is prone to fatigue failure under the action of periodic loads, especially at the connection between the flexible tubing cable and the upper floating body. In order to support the line type of the flexible umbilical cable and ensure that it does not undergo bending failure and fatigue failure under various working conditions, it is necessary to install a bending restrictor at its key parts to protect it. Common bending restrictor mainly include three types, namely bell mouth, bend limiter and bend preventer.
Can be customized accroding to your needs.