Polyurethane bending stiffener marine engineering solution origin China

During the installation and unloading of the cable, the cable will be excessively bent, and the connection point between the rigid structure and the cable and the cable in the center of the ship may be damaged. To limit this damage, bend stiffener was developed.
      Bending stiffener is molded from polyurethane and has a round flame shape, so it can be easily placed in cables and cables in the center of the ship, and can be applied to static and dynamic cables. The design parameters have been greatly improved to avoid malfunctions.
It is intended to provide additional local stiffness for the flexible tube/umbilical cable/cable at the interface with a rigid structure.
Static bending reinforcement is mainly used to protect the cable from excessive bending during installation and over-deployment of the deck from the lying ship. It is usually manufactured as a one-piece tapered polyurethane molded part to facilitate the cable or umbilical cord.
The end is easily positioned.
Can be customized accroding to your needs.