Polyurethane coated wheel of stacker heavy-duty from China

Roadway stacker wheels are mainly polyurethane rubber-coated wheels, stacker rubber-coated wheels, carrier wheels, rubber-coated wheels, bearing rubber-coated wheels, shuttle wheels, stacker wheels, sorting oblique wheels, unified is a polyurethane Stacker wheels made of elastomer encapsulation.
The roadway stacker is evolved from forklifts and bridge stackers. The specific working principle of the roadway stacker wheels is that the walking motor realizes the horizontal movement along the guide rail through the drive shaft, and the lifting motor drives the cargo platform. For vertical lifting movement, the forks on the loading platform make telescopic movement. The above-mentioned three-dimensional movement can take out the goods on the designated cargo space or deliver the goods to the designated cargo space. Its positioning and control are realized by computer control through address recognition, photoelectric switch recognition and optical communication signal conversion, and the actual operating position of the stacker is confirmed by the recognition device.
Can be customized accroding to your needs.