Polyurethane coated wheel used in coal mines origin China

Polyurethane mining wheels are used for mine hoisting slopes. The outer part of the steel body is integrally connected to the polyurethane outer tube body, the outer tube body has limited edges at both ends, and the two ends of the steel body fix the bearing box. The outer part of the bearing box is fastened by countersunk screws to fasten the metal gland and polyurethane gland, and the bearing box There is a bearing inside, which is connected with the fixed shaft to form a ground roll. The local roll has high strength, strong wear resistance, corrosion resistance and long service life.
Coal mines, metallic mines and non-metallic mines have great demand for non-metallic materials with high wear resistance, high strength and elasticity. In many coal-fired power plants, polyurethane elastic screens are replaced with heavy metal screens, which not only greatly prolongs the service life of the screens, but also greatly reduces the noise in the working environment, which has obvious energy saving and consumption reduction effects. Others, such as hydrocyclones for solid separation, wear-resistant conveyor belts for flame-retardant and anti-static, solid core wheels for mining monorail cranes, bonding plates for coal grouting machines, 10,000 tons of electric wheeled dump trucks The oil seal and cold repair glue for high-voltage cable sheaths also played an important role in mine construction.
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