Polyurethane coated wheels widely used in transmission mechanisms made in China

Polyurethane coated rubber  wheel transmission is used in a variety of transmission mechanisms and occasions. Compared with other transmission wheels, polyurethane friction wheel transmission has lower friction noise and can realize omnidirectional movement. The polyurethane wheel has a simple structure and is more convenient for maintenance.
We must pay attention when using the friction wheel, because it relies on friction to generate movement, so when using it, we must be careful. This kind of friction wheel that is often used in some industries will inevitably happen when used. Some wear, so in order to reduce this wear and make his service life more durable, now there is a polyurethane friction wheel.
Features of polyurethane friction wheels:
1. The noise is low during transmission, and the speed and direction can be changed during operation;
2. The structure is simple, easy to use and maintain, and it is suitable for the transmission of the two shafts with close center distance;
3. The transmission efficiency is low, and it is not suitable to transmit large torque. It is mainly suitable for high-speed, low-power transmission occasions;
4. When overloaded, the contact between the two wheels will slip, which can prevent the damage of weak parts and play a safety protection role.
Can be customized accroding to your needs.