Polyurethane driving coated wheel general warehouse logistics sorting truck

The polyurethane driving wheel of the storage sorting trolley is mainly in the warehousing and logistics industry. The driving wheel of the storage sorting trolley adopts the high-quality technology of metal roller polyurethane encapsulation, which has the characteristics of wear resistance, high tensile strength, high elongation at break, and high tear strength. , Solve the problems of customers with high noise, low bearing capacity and acceleration tire slip, and provide customers with polyurethane wheel solutions. With the rapid development of domestic e-commerce and other industries, and the increase in the number of express delivery, the use of wheel smart trolleys has solved a major problem of sorting in the logistics industry. The emergence of smart sorting trolleys is an infinite increase in logistics Picking and transportation provides an excellent solution. The long-term use of logistics sorting wheels is bound to be replaced frequently. Wear-resistant and non-slip polyurethane rubber-coated wheels have become the necessary wheels for smart sorting carts. Polyurethane encapsulation has the characteristics of antistatic, antibacterial, wear-resistant, non-degumming, fast rebound, low noise, etc. When the rollers of the mecanum wheel are used on the AGV trolley for encapsulation, the logistics sorting can be fully guaranteed The use of trolleys.
Can be custmized accroding to your needs.