Polyurethane flexible hose bending restrictor origin China

Flexible tubing cable is one of the important equipment indispensable for offshore oil development, especially its application in deep sea oil development is very extensive. In order to ensure that the flexible umbilical cable does not undergo excessive bending damage in various working conditions, a bend limiter, an important accessory component, is required to protect the flexible umbilical cable. At the same time, in order to break the long-term dependence on foreign technology in my country's bending limiter products, it is necessary to integrate the independent design technology and manufacturing technology of the bending limiter as soon as possible. There are three main types of marine flexible tubing and cable bending limiters: bend limiter, bend preventer and bell mouth. These three types of bend limiters can be applied to different positions of flexible tubing and cables and different marine environments. Since both flexible tubing and cable bend limiters and bend preventers can be made of polyurethane elastomer materials, this article mainly focuses on the design, manufacture and test technology of polymer bend limiters and bend preventers. the study.
Further, the modular submarine cable bending limiter is pre-installed at the outlet end of the cable cavity at the front end of the machine hydraulic blade when the submarine cable embedding machine is put into operation, and the modular submarine cable bending limiter is used to limit the submarine cable during the put-in stage of the embedding machine When the bending radius of the submarine cable is not controlled, the bending radius of the submarine cable at the front end of the hydraulic blade of the submarine cable burying machine is prevented from being out of control during the process of being put into contact with the seabed surface. At the same time, the bending limiter can be attached to the seabed surface. The shape of the seabed until the embedding machine is put in place.