Polyurethane fork wheels for large logistics warehouses and standardized warehouses

Polyurethane fork wheels are mainly used in battery forklifts and stackers.
Large logistics warehouses, standardized warehouses, standardized factories, etc. have been widely used. Compared with traditional rubber wheels, they have: 1. Excellent wear resistance, long service life, and improved efficiency , Reduce costs. 2. Mute. There is almost no sound when rubbing against the ground when in use. 3. Protect the ground. Because polyurethane has high resilience and cushioning effect, it will not cause damage to the ground. It is made of liquid polyurethane through a pouring method. Compared with ordinary rubber wheels: it has higher mechanical strength, which is 2-3 times that of natural rubber. Good abrasion resistance, which is 3-5 times that of natural rubber. Outstanding compression resistance. Hardness range Wide (and still has high elasticity under high hardness, which is not available in other rubber types), high surface finish. Excellent mechanical processing performance. The adhesion to metal is also much higher than ordinary rubber. It is more suitable for a certain line speed and Used under high pressure. Polyurethane rubber wheels, the actual service life is generally 5 times that of ordinary rubber wheels. Reliability and adhesion can be used under high load conditions. Excellent wear resistance! Polyurethane has good tensile strength, tear strength, impact resistance, abrasion resistance, weather resistance, hydrolysis resistance, oil resistance and other advantages.
According to customer requirements, adjust the raw material formula, fine-tune the structure of the rubber wheel, and give a suitable plan. Tailor-made. It can also accept the worn out rubber wheel, use the original metal wheel core, and re-cover the surface to save Customer's replacement cost.