Polyurethane guide wheels Used in logistics and warehousing industry

Polyurethane guide wheel is a kind of polyurethane rubber coated wheel. It also has a bright appearance and fine and smooth surface. The color of the polyurethane guide wheel can be customized according to your preferences. The axis of the polyurethane guide wheel is closely attached to the polyurethane material. In terms of quality, Mailun polyurethane has strict requirements. Therefore, polyurethane coated wheels have strict quality control in preventing degumming. At the same time, different sizes of polyurethane guide wheels will vary greatly under different conditions. Therefore, we must Individually customized according to customer needs.
Characteristics of polyurethane guide wheels:
When customizing polyurethane guide wheels, the hardness can be specially customized according to the actual load.
The polyurethane surface has high adhesion to the shaft to prevent degumming.
The chemical properties of polyurethane guide wheels make the polyurethane rubber-coated wheels more resistant to corrosion, especially for diesel, kerosene, and saline solution.
The polyurethane guide wheel has good resilience. According to the tensile strength of the wheel, the life of the polyurethane guide wheel can be increased.
Polyurethane guide wheels have higher tear strength and are therefore more wear-resistant.
Can be customized accroding to your needs.