Polyurethane protective sleeve for submarine cables with modular occlusal structure

The submarine cable polyurethane protective sleeve is composed of polyurethane molded parts interlocked with Haval structure. It can bend the submarine cable to a fixed radius and is a new type of polyurethane bend restrictor.
Technical requirements for submarine cable polyurethane protective cover:
1) Adopting modular occlusal structure, the length can be increased or decreased according to the use environment.
2) The module adopts the Haval structure.
3) The material is made of high-quality and reliable products with excellent anti-deformation ability, anti-corrosion ability and high wear resistance.
4) The tensile strength of the material is not less than 45MPa.
5) The material density is not more than 1.2×103kg/m3, and no additional weight is required for the submarine cable underwater.
6) The bending restrictor should be able to withstand 8t lateral pressure.
7) The bending radius of the bend restrictor should meet the minimum bending radius of the submarine cable.
Can be customized accroding to your needs.