Polyurethane roller coating processing manufacturers can customize

When choosing polyurethane roller encapsulation, of course, you want good quality. The standard of polyurethane roller encapsulation is to check the performance advantages of all aspects, such as dustproof performance, waterproof performance, and radial runout performance; observe the polyurethane roller package when choosing The more important point of the bearing performance and impact performance of the glue is the service life. Purchasing polyurethane roller covers need to meet certain standards. Each industry has its own standards. This standard is a basis for purchase. In addition to the purchase, the maintenance of the polyurethane roller encapsulation should be strengthened, and the obstacles on the machine should be checked before welding and used, and special personnel should be used and stored. Do not touch the oil and fire when the roller frame is connected, and fill the oil holes frequently.
Can be customized accroding to your needs.