Polyurethane submarine cable protective sleeve origin China

Cast polyurethane elastomer products are used in the petroleum and marine industry polyurethane submarine cable protective sleeves. The bending limiter is composed of polyurethane molded parts with Haval structure, which has excellent wear resistance, impact resistance, fatigue resistance and other characteristics.
1. The umbilical cord hose includes three parts: lining, reinforcement and sheath. When the hose is in a freely pressurized state, the structure should have no obvious deflection or rotation around the axis.
2. hose lining.
The lining should be continuous, seamless, round and coaxial extrusion molding, made of unused thermoplastic materials, and should be compatible with the expected working medium.
The lining material of the hose needs to be determined according to the transmission medium and the working temperature and pressure. It is usually nylon 11 or nylon 12, which can be used at a temperature of up to 100°C. For example, high temperature resistant materials such as PVDF can be selected under high temperature conditions.
If the single-layer structure cannot meet the application requirements, a multilayer structure lining can be used. If it is under external high pressure, it can be combined with internal support.
For anti-compression hoses, the lining can be provided with an internal structure, such as an embedded skeleton, to resist the action of external hydrostatic pressure.
The extruded material should not cause particle contamination in the hose channel, including contamination due to the extraction of the conveying fluid or chemical reaction, so that the cleanliness of the fluid cannot be maintained.
Can be customized accroding to your needs.