Polyurethane wheels and rubber wheels are relatively similar, which one is better?

According to the materials used for casters, there are many types. Among them, polyurethane wheels and rubber wheels are relatively similar, and sometimes it is difficult to distinguish from the appearance.
So, which one is better, polyurethane wheel or rubber wheel? Polyurethane casters   
1. Service life: Polyurethane casters usually have a longer service life and are more wear-resistant, which reduces the cost of use.  
2. Load-bearing capacity: The load-bearing capacity of polyurethane casters is much greater than that of rubber casters, which is several times more than that of rubber casters, because polyurethane casters have better pit crack growth and tear resistance.   
3. Environmental protection: Polyurethane is more environmentally friendly because it is a man-made material and does not require extensive use of rubber raw materials.   
4. Rolling resistance: Because the chemical structure of polyurethane material determines that it has a smaller rolling resistance than rubber, the thrust to be increased is smaller and more labor-saving.   
Although polyurethane wheels are superior to rubber wheels in many aspects, rubber wheels also have their own advantages, so they have not been completely replaced. For example, rubber casters are softer, more comfortable, and have better cushioning capabilities.
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