Precautions for purchasing European clean room cranes

Precautions for purchasing European clean room cranes
  European-style clean room cranes are relatively common lifting equipment in modern industries. They are deeply loved by users because of their unique performance of cleanliness and no dust generation. However, we must also comprehensively consider manufacturers when purchasing European-style clean room cranes. Suitable European-style clean room cranes can avoid waste and ensure the smooth progress of lifting operations. What are the precautions for purchasing European-style clean-room cranes?
      1. Ensure that the goods can pass through the outriggers smoothly, and the track direction of the European clean room crane is stable and reliable.
      2. In order to facilitate the loading and unloading of the European clean room crane, a certain space distance should be left between the external dimensions of the European clean room crane and the goods and transportation vehicles.
      3. The span of the European-style clean room crane is an important factor that can affect the weight of the European-style clean room crane itself. Therefore, when purchasing a European-style clean room crane, we must choose the span standard that meets the requirements of use, and minimize the span. .
      The above is a brief introduction to the precautions for the purchase of European-style clean room cranes. I hope that when purchasing European-style clean-room cranes, you must choose according to your own requirements, and choose the European-style clean-room crane that suits you. Cranes can better play their value in lifting operations. With its excellent design and perfect after-sales service system, Kunfeng Heavy Industry makes lifting operations easier and faster. If you want to know more details about European clean room cranes, welcome to inquire!