Precautions for use of electric wire rope hoist

Precautions for use of  Wire Rope Electric Hoist
1. The electric hoist should be operated by a special person, and the operator should understand the structural performance of the hoist and be familiar with the safety operation regulations.
2. The limiter is a safety device provided to prevent the hook from rising or falling beyond the limit position. It cannot be used as a limit switch and often functions.
3. It is not allowed to suspend the load in the air for a long time to prevent permanent deformation of the parts and other accidents.
4. After the work is completed, the hook should be raised to a height above 2m above the ground, and the main power supply should be cut off.
5. Do not lift at an angle, so as not to damage the rope guide device and not to overload it.
6. Periodically check the electric hoist according to the use situation.
7. When the heavy load is lowered and braked, it is unnecessary to panic when it is found that it is very self-slipping (can not stop). At this time, the power cannot be stopped to stop, and the "Down" button should be continuously pressed to lower the heavy load to the ground at the normal falling speed Check the hoist again.