Processing requirements for the manufacture of polyurethane bending restrictor

Under normal circumstances, before manufacturing products, it is necessary to put forward requirements for product quality. For different products, the manufacturing and processing requirements are also different. The manufacturing and processing requirements of polyurethane bend restrictor and bend preventer products are as follows:
1) Size requirements: The error between the finished size and the design size of the polymer bending limiter is required to be as small as possible;
2) Strength requirements: Various strengths of polymer bending limiter materials are required to meet their design strength;
3) Elastic modulus requirements: The elastic modulus of the polymer bending limiter material is required to be within the design range;
4) Uniformity requirements: It is required that the amount of bubbles in the unit area of the surface of the polymer bending limiter is as small as possible; at the same time, it is required that the product does not allow the occurrence of delamination;
5) Durability requirements: It is required to ensure the corrosion resistance and aging resistance of the polymer bending limiter.
After the specific processing requirements are put forward for the product, the molding process of the product can be designed according to the synthesis process of the cast polyurethane elastomer.
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