Protection and management of dust in glass workshop

Protection and management of dust in glass production batching workshop

1. Regularly check the dust concentration in the air of the workshop, and take timely measures when it is found that it exceeds the standard.
2. The factory should strengthen the publicity and education of dust prevention knowledge for employees.
3. Before participating in dust work and during the dust work, employees must regularly conduct physical examinations. Anyone with occupational contraindications shall not engage in dust operations.
4. Employees must wear working eyes, protective shoes, protective caps, and dust masks with high dust resistance and low resistance when operating or patrolling in the dust work area.
5. The factory should set up bathrooms, locker boxes, and locker rooms for employees to ensure that dust workers take showers and change labor protection products after get off work every day.
6. In the surrounding environment of the dust operation area, according to the overall layout of the plant area and the local climate and soil conditions, tree species with large dust retention capacity should be selected for plant greening.
7. Workshops with a daily batching capacity of more than 100t should be equipped with full-time personnel to manage dust-proof work.
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