Reasons affecting the service life of IS0 Class6 clean room

The IS0 Class6 clean room crane is a dust-free handling system used in the IS0 Class6 clean room. , laboratory and other air conditioning purification projects. Wear on an IS0 Class6 cleanroom crane 'severely' affects its life. The crane equipment is heavy machinery and equipment that is very popular among enterprises. The crane effectively improves the production efficiency of the enterprise, reduces the manpower of the enterprise, and provides important support for the improvement of the handling efficiency of the goods. The nearby IS0 Class6 clean room crane is a common crane. equipment. In order to prolong the service life of the single-girder crane, an effective method is to reduce the wear degree of its accessories, but before that, it is necessary to find out what is causing the wear and tear of the components. The causes of wear are different, and the preventive measures are also different. For example, for the wear caused by friction, it can be solved by adding lubricant and removing impurity particles at the friction position. As long as the wear phenomenon of the single-girder crane is prevented, the service life of the crane can be improved better.