Requirements for power supply voltage for installation of cle

Requirements for power supply voltage for installation of clean room column cantilever crane

We must connect the power supply in the process of installing the clean room column cantilever crane, so as to achieve the effect of getting twice the result with half the effort. However, in some industrial plants, the power consumption is large or some other factors may cause voltage instability or insufficient power, which will inevitably cause the operation of the electric lifting platform to be hindered. For some areas with large power consumption, the voltage requirements should be stable or not fluctuated too much, so we must have some requirements for the power supply voltage when necessary, then the power supply voltage when installing the column cantilever in the clean room. What are the requirements?
Requirements for power supply voltage for installation of clean room column cantilever crane
1. The special power supply should be directly introduced into the special distribution box from the power distribution room of the construction site, and the distance should not exceed 30 meters.
2. Each column cantilever crane needs to be equipped with a copper core cable larger than 4×25m. If the distance is too long, the cross-sectional area of ​​the cable should be appropriately increased.
3. The voltage fluctuation of the power supply of the cantilever crane in the clean room shall not be greater than ±5%. If the fluctuation is too large, a voltage stabilizer with corresponding power should be considered.
4. Each lifting platform in the special distribution box is controlled by a switch, and the power box needs to use a shock wave non-action leakage protection switch.
5. Use a grounding resistance tester to measure the grounding resistance of the steel structure of the lifting platform and the metal casing of the electrical equipment, which shall not be greater than 4Ω.
6. Use a 500 megohmmeter to measure the ground insulation resistance of the motor and electrical components for the column cantilever crane and should not be less than 1MΩ.
7. The dust-free column cantilever crane should be installed as close to the building as possible, which can simplify the installation of the wall frame and the boarding device, but the distance from the wall should be at least 1.8 meters.
8. Be sure to ensure that the installation site has good power supply, lighting facilities, etc., prepare suitable lifting equipment to make the road smooth, and have enough space to store various parts and components.