Save labor and labor and improve labor efficiency-Jib cranes have a variety of options during operation

Jib crane has a variety of options during operation.  Here are three common methods.  Only with a deep understanding can you choose a good operating mode.
 I. When it is not possible to use machines and tools to transport light equipment or components due to obstacles in access roads or narrow storage locations, people usually carry them.  Small items are carried by one person, while large items are carried by two, four, six, eight or ten people.  When carrying, no matter how many people they are, they should be consistent with each other under the unified command of specially assigned personnel, and they should be at the same pace with each other, and should not take too much pace, otherwise an accident is likely to occur.
 2. For small equipment or parts, when the transportation distance is relatively long, you can use a manual trolley to carry it, which saves labor, saves labor time, and improves labor efficiency.
 3. Prying is to use the working principle of the lever to pry up equipment and heavy objects.  Chengdu cantilever crane is generally used for light weight and small lifting operations.  For example, place or pull skids, jacks, rollers, etc. under the equipment.  When prying, it can be operated with one crowbar or multiple crowbars at the same time.