Sheet 180 degree turning machine

The 180 degree plate turning machine is also called the steel plate turning machine. It is a special equipment for the production of automobile industry, heavy industry enterprises, flat glass, etc. It is used for the turning of large thin plate stacks. It is a necessary auxiliary equipment for the stamping automation production line. It can not only reduce the surface of the plate. Scratch, improve product quality, reduce the labor intensity of operators, and improve production efficiency.
When loading materials, the staff will first place the sheets on the front-end assembly line, and flow the sheets to the conveyor line of the turning machine through the power assembly line. A photoelectric switch detects the length of the product. Then start the centering device of the turning machine. The centering device has a photoelectric sensor switch to detect the plate to prevent the product from deforming or crushing due to excessive pressure.
After the left and right centering clamping, start the up and down centering clamping device to fix the product at the center of the turning machine to prevent eccentricity from causing damage to the product due to impact force.
After the product is centered, start the flip button to flip the product 180 degrees. After flipping, the up, down, left, and right centering devices are released, the conveyor line of the flipper starts, and the conveyor line at the product delivery end. The entire flipping process is complete.
The turning of the turning machine is driven by the motor-reducer to rotate 180. The clamping device is tightened by an air cylinder (oil cylinder).