Shield tunnel boring machine polyurethane coated wheel to wheel oblique wheel

Shield tunnel boring machine polyurethane supporting wheel to wheel oblique wheel to rubber wheel feeder wheel
Shield tunnel boring machine is abbreviated as shield machine. The working environment is underground, and many complicated factors are unpredictable. Therefore, when building a shield machine, the selection of materials, including the production of parts, is particularly important. The oblique wheel pairs (supporting wheels, counter wheels, and walking wheels) used by the shield machine trolley carry the entire shield machine, weighing tens to hundreds of tons, and require super strong bearing capacity of the wheel surface material; For walking on cement segments, the wheel surface material is required to be very wear-resistant while protecting the segments from being damaged; before the shield machine starts, the environment where the inclined wheel pair is located is water, soil, and sand; the tunneling state is inclined The opposite wheel is tilted on the arc-shaped tube, and the angle between the contact surface of the wheel shaft and the tube is up to more than 40 degrees, and the wheel surface bears huge side pressure and friction.
The polyurethane oblique wheels are selected to make full use of polyurethane's high load, high wear resistance, high resilience, tear resistance, good water resistance and other characteristics; this product is suitable for various trackless shields such as muddy shields and earth pressure balance shields. Machine use.
Can be customized accroding to your needs.