Small structure size 1 ton of column KBK cantilever Jib crane

       The cantilever Jib crane is a new generation of light lifting equipment made to adapt to modern production. It is equipped with a highly reliable electric chain hoist, which is especially suitable for short distances, frequent use, and intensive lifting operations. It is highly efficient, energy-saving, trouble-saving, and Small area, easy to operate and maintain.
Its working strength is light. The crane is composed of a column, a swing arm slewing drive device and an electric hoist. The lower end of the column is fixed on the concrete foundation by anchor bolts. The cycloid pin wheel deceleration device drives the cantilever to rotate. The electric hoist is in the cantilever I-shaped The steel is moved in a straight line from left to right, and heavy objects are lifted. The jib of the crane is a hollow steel structure with light weight, large span, large lifting weight, economical and durable. The built-in walking mechanism adopts special engineering plastic walking wheels with rolling bearings, which has low friction and fast walking. The small structure size is especially beneficial to improve the hook stroke.
Can be customized accroding to your needs.