Special industry handling system clean room crane

Special industry handling system clean room crane
Professional clean room cleaning crane dust prevention measures
The surface of the wheel is nickel-plated or directly made of stainless steel, with a hardness of HV550-HV1100
The hoist power supply rail adopts the non-destruction rigid or wear-resistant plastic towing system
The crane and hoist electric trolley use synthetic resin guide wheel, and the surface of the guide wheel is made of stainless steel plate
Nickel-plated alloy chain and load hook with unique metal penetration and expansion treatment to avoid the generation of dust during operation
The chain barrel and chain part are equipped with special dust-proof connecting plate and chain sleeve
The crane is painted with a special resin coating after fine shot blasting, and the surface is milky white
The crane is hoisted, and the electric trolley adopts the frequency conversion control mode and is equipped with a dust collection device
Various dust-proof measures are also taken for other small parts of the crane
Smooth operation and fast positioning
The standard configuration of the professional clean room cleaning crane series is two-speed hoisting frequency conversion, two-speed large and small car frequency conversion, so that the user can accurately locate the load during the lifting or running process, reduce the swing of the lifting object, and increase the safety in the process of operation safety. sex and comfort.
Wide range of applications, a variety of models to choose from, and customers can choose the configuration according to their needs
According to different application environments, there are various models to choose from; for example, single and double beam cranes, suspension cranes, which are widely used in large clean laboratories. It is suitable for gantry cranes in pallet loading, storage loading and unloading and equipment maintenance. We can provide overall solutions according to the different requirements of customers, combined with different applicable environments and equipment requirements.