Specific classification of load turning device

Main classification:
1. Load turning units can be divided into 90° load turning device and 180° load turning device according to the turning angle.
2. According to the performance achieved, it can be divided into steel coil turning device, mold turning device and sheet turning device.
3. The steel coil turning device realizes that the heavy steel coil is suspended on the V-shaped surface of the turning device, and the steel coil is horizontally placed on the tray through 0-90° load turning device.
4. Mold turning device, when repairing large and medium-sized molds, it can turn the molds by 0-90 °, which is convenient, labor-saving and safe for opening and closing and lifting the molds. It is an indispensable auxiliary equipment in the stamping workshop, as well as equipment for large mold repair.
5. Plate type load turning device is mainly used for flat large pieces, generally 180° turning device. This type of load turning device is generally equipped with roller lines on the top and bottom, which can be used in conjunction with the conveyor line. Scratched surface improves product quality, while reducing the labor intensity of operators and improving production efficiency.