Standard Classification of Four Different Classifications of Wire Rope Electric Hoist

The classification of  wire rope electric hoist can be divided into various forms according to the use of the environment, by voltage, by entanglement, and by structure.
According to the use of the environment: This is a common product classification. Can be divided into common industrial wire rope electric hoist that is CD1, MD1, HC electric hoist, explosion-proof electric hoist, metallurgical wire rope electric hoist, marine electric hoist, low clearance wire rope electric hoist, multi-function electric hoist, miniature electric hoist , DC electric hoist and other non-standard wire rope electric hoist.
According to the voltage: it can be divided into three-phase AC electric hoist, single-phase (two-phase) AC electric hoist, DC electric hoist.
According to the entanglement method: it can be divided into a rope that is born into a trough, and a multi-layer tangled rope.
According to the structure type: can be divided into running type, fixed type.