Submarine cable protection device-submarine cable bending restrictor

The submarine cable bending restrictor is a new type of marine cable protection device system. During the design and development, it is mainly used to protect single piles and J-tube center clamps. It is used in wind power cables and oil rigs. , Any place of the tubular connection structure can be protected by a polyurethane material protection system to ensure the normal operation of the pipeline during the operation process without failure. The submarine cable bending limiter produced by the wheat wheel polyurethane can effectively solve the problem of excessive cable bending. In order to solve the possible losses caused by the enterprise in the bending control.
Advantages of submarine cable bending limiter:
It adopts a two-part snap-in design for easier installation.
The submarine cable bending limiter adopts imported polyurethane material, which is safer and more durable. Well known
The bend limiter made of polyurethane material is designed in a unique form. It has a unique attribute and can be used for reproduction.
Using polyurethane encapsulation, polyurethane is lighter in water, has strong corrosion resistance and is more durable. In the offshore wind power market, the use of bend limiters has become an essential offshore protection device, and the development of buoyant wind energy is becoming a global development and has become a large-scale development.