Submarine cable protection mainly used for offshore wind power bending protection

Overview of submarine cable bending protection tube
The submarine cable bending protection tube is mainly used for the bending protection of the submarine cable at the lower port of the I tube and the J tube of offshore wind power. It can be mechanically connected to the nozzle or used with the J tube center clamp to smoothly transition to the seabed and provide a reliable channel for the submarine cable. It prevents excessive bending and fatigue wear of the submarine cable, and can withstand the lateral impact and extrusion of heavy objects to protect the submarine cable.
Advantages of submarine cable bending protection tube:
1. Using Dow Chemical's special HYPERLAST series materials for marine engineering, it has excellent wear resistance, impact resistance and fatigue resistance.
2. The length of a single section is 4m, and the two sections have built-in stainless steel inserts to achieve firm connection.
Can be customized accroding to your needs.