Subway door chain turning machine manufacturer

Subway door chain turning machine manufacturers, chain turning machines can be divided into chain turning machines and belt turning machines according to the different spreaders used. , the middle spacing can be adjusted! The casting overturning machine can adapt to the engineering overturning requirements of different specifications of goods, and provide process transportation safely, smoothly and effectively. Widely used in metallurgy, stamping, sheet metal, mold, papermaking, refrigeration, steel strip, wire reel, barrel, coil and other industries. The work of the subway door chain turning machine is controlled by the hydraulic and electrical control system. Since the working mode of the turning machine is bidirectional, the direction of the force of the turning bracket on the hydraulic cylinder is changed. Since the h value is a variable, the force on the hydraulic cylinder also changes. In addition, the size range of the cylindrical parts turned by the turning machine is large, and the weight of the parts is not fixed. These variables will cause pressure fluctuations in the hydraulic system.
After the overturning is over, the frame must be dropped and then placed on the assembling trolley; in order to run to the next station. In order to achieve and realize the above purpose, the frame turning machine adopts an integral frame structure in appearance. The suspension beam in the frame of the subway door chain turning machine is used for hanging and turning the frame, and the lifting and lowering of the suspension beam is lifted by two 5-ton electric hoists. The 5-ton flip is an indispensable flip machine mechanism for workshop production!