Supply 3t column cantilever crane 360°cantilever Jib crane electric slewing jib crane

The column Jib crane is used in conjunction with the electric chain hoist. It consists of a column, a swing arm and a slewing device; the lower base of the column is fixed on the concrete foundation by bolts, and the cycloid pin wheel deceleration device drives the cantilever to rotate or manually rotate, the electric hoist Run left and right in a straight line on the cantilever I-beam and lift heavy objects. Simple structure, small footprint, large operating range, convenient operation and flexible rotation.
It is suitable for fixed places such as docks, warehouses and workshops. It is equipped with safety protection devices and limit protection devices. It is safe and feasible. It is an ideal crane.

Technical parameter
Starting weight: 250kg--5000kg;
Specification: 250kg 500kg 1000kg 2000kg 3000kg 5000kg;
Swivel arm: I-beam or H-shaped steel structure;
Rotation method: manual or electric;
Rotation angle: less than or equal to 360°;
Jib length: 2-6m.