Suspended overturning crane

The suspension turning crane is a large-scale workpiece turning equipment. The suspension turning crane is used with the crane crane. The turning mechanism is suspended on the crane, which can be moved and turned over and raised. The basic requirement for manipulators such as the suspension turning machine for handling objects is to be able to pick and place quickly and accurately, and to handle objects, which requires high accuracy and rapid response.
Application, certain load-bearing capacity, sufficient working space, flexible degree of freedom, and automatic positioning at any position. The turning machine includes a base and a turning body connected by turning hinges. The turning machine is connected to the base through turning hinges. There is a rubber roller in the middle of the turning machine, and the rubber wheel frame is connected with the base, so that the goods can be turned over at any angle conveniently and quickly. The suspended turning machine can be turned over at any angle of 360 degrees.