Technical requirements for flexible hose polyurethane protective sleeve

The polyurethane submarine cable bending restrictor is composed of polyurethane molded parts interlocked by the Haval structure. The bending limiter is used to protect the flexible pipeline from excessive bending and bending caused by static loads during its installation or operation stage. The bending limiter prevents excessive bending at the interface between the flexible streamline/umbilical cable/submarine cable and the rigid structure by mechanical locking. Bending limiters are usually deployed at the interface between flexible and rigid structures (such as J-tubes) to protect submarine cables and umbilical cables from external stress. The bending limiter is designed and manufactured by the Haval structure, which can be easily installed on the deck platform or on the construction ship.
Technical requirements for flexible hose polyurethane protective sleeve:
Typical cable/pipe diameter: 20-450mm;
Typical bending moment: 2-120kNm;
Standard minimum bending radius: 1-8m;
Material: Balmoral marine polyurethane;
Design life: 35 years (or specific project requirements).