The 20T Wire Rope Electric Hoist of China manufacturer

Crane Wire Rope Electric Hoist
The electric hoist of the steel wire rope is mainly operated by "electricity", so the electricity leakage occasionally occurs. However, this situation is rarely the case through careful production procedures. However, to ensure safety, each wire rope electric hoist requires a leakage test before leaving the factory.
Leakage is leakage of current due to insulation damage or other reasons. For some reason, if there is a certain potential difference between the electrical enclosure and the mains live line after the connection with the ground, leakage will occur.
The method to check whether there is electricity leakage is to use an electric pen to contact the charged body. Assuming that the neon bubble is turned on immediately, it will prove that the charged body itself is electrostatic;
Leakage detection is also an important part to ensure the safety of electric wire rope hoists when they leave the factory. It is mainly to prevent users from leaking electricity during use, resulting in electric shock.